Chef Driven

Hosted by Chef and Restaurateur Frank Bonanno

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The Most Versatile Meat: Pork

Pork is the world’s most widely consumed meat, so for this episode Frank explores some lesser known Pig breeds and culinary techniques, as well as getting VIP treatment in one of the BBQ meccas, Kansas City. Frank visits a few farms in Eastern Colorado and central Kansas, as well as a charcuterie shop in Lawrence, Kansas, and then digs in to KC BBQ.

Chef Driven

On any given night, Frank Bonanno is cooking at one of his restaurants’ ten venues, opened in as many years, ten different styles of cuisine, all with a focus on beautiful, unadulterated fare, all culling from the inspiration of his Denver home. Cookbook writer, entrepreneur, chef–Frank Bonanno is, in short, driven. Chef Driven takes you across the mountain landscape with Frank as he visits the farmers, ranchers, brewers, and bakers who share his connection to the Colorado soil and his spirit of artisanship. We offer you the West as we see it daily, with some great cooking along the way.